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Wife, mother, and grandmother of three beautiful girls.  Artist, writer, animal and nature lover.  

I have been creating art since I was in first grade.  Drawing, painting, clay sculpting, wool sculpting (needle felting) are among some of the art I have done in past and present.

Living a simple life in the country, off grid, growing our own food, creating our own electricity and my art are my passions.

All my art work is signed by my artist name - CAT.  I believe ALL ART IS SACRED, and that is how I created the name for my shop.


NEEDLE FELTED WOOL SCULPTURES: I think it is amazing that I can take a handful of wool and shape it with a needle, creating wonderful works of art of animals and people.  I also do catnip toys which have become a huge seller.  Besides the random animals and people, I have several lines that I create:

PETites are tiny, petite animals.  

Alphabet pets are little animals on wooden alphabet blocks, such as B is for Bear and G is for giraffe.  

Hen Feathers are whimsical, fun chickens with real feathers for wings and tails.

Catspaw Bears are jointed teddy bears with a cat paw print on their rear and includes the Buttons and Bows bear line.

Needle Felting is the main art form I am concentrating on at this time.

JEWELRY: There is nothing more wonderful then wearing a piece of art.  Using Bead Embroidery and Beadweaving, I create wearable works of art.   It makes me extremely happy when someone loves a piece of my Art Jewelry to wear it.

CLAY SCULPTURES:  I am not working with clay at this moment, but you can enjoy looking at my previous work.

BEADED SPIRIT DOLLS: Wonderful little dolls done with bead embroidery.  Fun to look at, fun to own.  If they bring a smile, they have done their job.

DRAWINGS: This is what I started out with in first grade.  When you did the math pages where you had to draw two balls, or three birds, I would draw a bird in a tree, one flying, and one pulling up a worm.  At times I will have original drawings available my Etsy Shop.

PAINTINGS:  I will be getting back into painting soon and will post pictures here when I do.

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